Our menu suggestions

up 15 persons, guilty from 1.1.2020 til 26.11.2020

Order time minimum one week before. One menu for all.

With our menus are already homebaked pretzels and butter stocked up on the tables

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prices shown are per person

€ 7.90


with radishes, Bavarian cheese and cream cheese with onion and herbs and franconian hot saugages, served with homebaked pretzel and hearty crusty bread
€ 20.90

Menu 1

Franconian soup with semolina dumplings and fresh parsley

* * *

Mixed roast of veal and pork with Riesling sauce "Würzburg" two small dumplings and mixed seasonal vegetable

* * *

Fried apple fritters dipped in cinnamon sugar with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and fresh mint
€ 22.90

Menu 2

Nuremberg market soup with ravioli, semolina dumpling and pancake stripes

* * *

Crusty roasted peppered knuckle of pork with Tucher darkbeer sauce, bread dumpling and cole-slow

* * *

Chocolate eggnogg cream
€ 23.90

Menu 3

Franconian wine soup with grapes and butter croutons

* * *

Röslein´s roasted pork shoulder with crispy crust with potato dumpling and sauerkraut

* * *

Röslein´s homemade chocolate cake with vanilla sauce
€ 29.90

Menu 4

Franconian beef broth with butter dumpling

* * *

Ragout of venison in juniper cranberry sauce with baby – Williams pear and fresh egg noodles

* * *

Röslein´s delicious cutted pancake withrum raisins, powdered sugar and apple compot
€ 31.90

Menu 5

Velvet carrots – applesoup with croutons

* * *

Fried pike perch with almond butter, colorful seasonal vegetable from Franconian and herbs potatoes

* * *

Franconian apple pie with elder sauce and fresh mint
€ 33.90

Menu 6

Bavarian cheese cream and blue cheese with hearty country bread and roll

* * *

Veal in creamy mushrooms sauce with potato puffs and lettuce

* * *

Homemade beer cream with pear konfit
€ 48.90

Menu 7

Fresh corn salad with a light balsam dressing served with smoked trout fillet and pine nuts

* * *

Crémesoup from Bamberg potatoes with truffle cream

* * *

Franconian haunch of wild boar with mushroom sauce home made pretzel dumpling and glazed peas

* * *

Franconian Redwine cream with mango sauce

We naturally also offer your guests a vegetarian main course as well.


The particular statements in accordance with a menu:

Röslein´s cheese board / cheese buffet

€ 9.50 per person

or by appointment and individual compilation.